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Question: ”I was a victim of a case of battery. I was punched in the face, and as a result I was diagnosed with a broken cheekbone, a broken nose, and my prescription glasses were ruined. A sheriff’s deputy took my statement and gave me a case number. The man has not been arrested. What happens next? How soon until I know if the DA will prosecute?”

Answer: You can call law enforcement directly to follow up. There may have been developments that you are unaware of, as once a case is moving forward, unless you specifically request to be kept updated with developments, you may not be contacted much, unless it’s for the purpose of preparing a supplemental report, you are needed in court to testify or you are being asked in you’re in agreement with a disposition.

Question: ”My husband is in jail for battery, corp injury to spouse & DUI. He has a prior DUI. What’s he looking at sentencing wise?”

Answer: It’s difficult to speculate what may happen without knowing whether any enhancements were alleged in addition to the charges you mentioned. Regardless of sentencing exposure, you should communicate with the attorney who is currently representing him to determine the route to an ideal disposition.