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The following are case examples of clients who chose to hire attorney Jesse P. Duran to represent them after being chargedwith felonies, misdemeanors, or DUI charges in California. No two cases are alike nor are any results guaranteed. Each client chose to hire me and follow my legal advice. Many times each year, even though I have made my best effort, favorable results cannot be obtained. At that point, I will attempt to minimize the punishment and sentence.

”I was referred by a friend, which I am greatly appreciative for. Jesse P. Duran performed with utmost professionalism. I was looking at an unfavorable offer, which changed when Attorney Duran took over my case. I am very happy with the outcome! I would refer The Law Office of Jesse P. Duran to others greatly.” 

Client – B.O.

Jesse Duran is a very efficient attorney. He is very responsible, and always acts in the best interest of his clients. He genuinely cares about the well-being of his clients and takes time to talk to the family and explain what is going on, throughout the legal process. He explains the procedures he is going to do. He is a very excellent attorney, who always goes the extra mile to do his job.

Client – M.B.

”I was referred to Mr. Duran by another attorney. I called him and he instantly met with me the same day! He jumped into the case, and took care of me with a soft, positive outcome. I am very satisfied with Attorney Jesse Duran and would recommend him to anyone!

Client – M.T.

” Hi! I just wanted let local people of the Av know about my Attorney Jesse Duran. Jesse has represented me now on two separate issues in court and let me tell you his professionalism, honesty with his client and high knowledge of law have gone a long way into getting me out of legal jams. I had received a speeding ticket back in October of last year. I could not afford to have any points on my record, due to the nature of my occupation. I had already done traffic school before, so it was no longer an option for me. My only hope was to find an attorney who would fight for me. I called Jesse Duran and he made the process so simple and easy. I was able to go to work, and never had to worry about losing money, missing work or going to court. That was huge for me and my family. I had a wedding coming up at the end of the year. I had little time to deal with a traffic violation. During our initial conversation  he said the process would take about 5 months. Well, I am pleased to tell you that after 5 months of Jesse going to court for me and fighting the good fight, the case got dismissed and ticket was thrown out of court. I was so elated when I received the phone call a couple days ago that I had to write a note to encourage my fellows citizens to not waste time and money dealing with those traffic tickets on your own! Do yourself a favor and call Jesse Duran! “

Client – T.H. 


”I was referred to Attorney Jesse Duran by another Attorney. I was alleged of domestic violence.  We met for a consultation and I felt very comfortable talking to him about my case. He explained the positive and negative aspects of my alleged charges. He also explained what he would try and do for me with the evidence I provided for him. Ultimately, he said that the goal here was to dismiss the case for me. Attorney Jesse Duran did exactly that. On the first day of court, Mr. Duran got my case dismissed. He is a very positive lawyer and I would hire him again, if needed. I would also recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.“ 

Client – A.B.


”I hired Jesse Duran after a violation of my probation, while facing up to three years of prison time. He got my potentially three year prison sentence dropped to just 180 days in county. He was really good, professional. He is a people person, and connected with me quickly. He is what you want in an attorney and I would recommend him to anyone in need. Today, he got me an extension on my commitment day. I am now relieved that I can get back to work, and deal with other civil legal matters that require my presence. Thank you very very much, Jesse!” 

Client – J.D.

case results

Listed below are recent case outcomes with great results in my clients’ favor.


VC §23101 per VC §23103.5 (“Wet Reckless”)

Client stopped for failing to stop at posted stop sign. Client was subsequently arrested for DUI. PAS results RE: blood alcohol content: .128 and .138. Chemical test results .13 and .13. Successfully negotiated disposition whereby Client pled No Contest to “Wet Reckless” and ordered to complete one year of probation, pay fine, and complete 12 hour alcohol program.


No Charges Filed

Client arrested at bar for Felony violation of Penal Code section 245(a)(4) – Assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury. Client contacted The Law Office of Jesse P. Duran immediately after posting bail, and after conducting investigation, findings were presented to Sheriff’s Department. No charges were filed.


Misdemeanor Brandishing Charge in lieu of Serious Strike and up to 9 years in prison.

Client arrested and charged with violating Penal Code Section 245(b) – Assault with a Semiautomatic Firearm , a Serious Felony under California’s Three Strikes law. Client’s potential exposure on the charge was 9 years in State Prison. An enhancement was also alleged against Client that could have resulted in an additional 10 years of incarceration. Successfully negotiated disposition whereby Client pled No Contest to a misdemeanor brandishing charge. Client was placed on two years of summary probation, ordered to serve 30 days in county jail, and the balance of the charges and enhancements were dismissed.