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Question: ”My 20-year-old friend robbed three people at gunpoint (no bullets inside the gun) and only stole their cellphones. This was not gang related, and there were no injuries. What is the minimum and maximum charge he is looking at?”

Answer:  This is considered a robbery with an enhancement for use of a firearm, a very serious crime with a long prison commitment attached to it. Your friend is likely looking at 12 years, minimum. 2 years for the robbery and 10 years for the gun. The fact that the gun may not have been loaded is irrelevant. This is a very serious crime, that requires immediate counsel. Hire an attorney as soon as possible.

Question: ”My brother in law is facing a child molestation charge. Are there any pro bono defense attorneys in Los Angeles?”

Answer: Yes, there are attorneys who will provide their services pro bono, however, given the seriousness of the charges, very few attorneys would take this type of case pro boon. In fact, given the work that will go into the preparation of his defense, and the need for an investigator (who will need to be compensated), he may be best represented by the public defender, as they have resources available to them that will ultimately come at a very low cost. If possible, consult with, and retain a criminal defense attorney who has handled this type of case before, as defending against sew crimes is almost a specialized area of law. If that is not possible, go forward with the public defender’s office