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Can I write a letter of apology?

Question: ”I got caught shoplifting at a department store, merchandise was totaling $250+. I haven’t received a civil demand letter yet. I do, however, have a court date. I have a clean record. No police were involved, but I was sent away with a court date. Can I go to the court, and apologize, and hope the judge with dismiss it and reduce the fine? Or, can I write an apology letter to the company and bring a copy to court?”

Answer: Going to court and apologizing is not sound advice to follow. In fact, if you were to try that, the judge may stop you and direct you to speak to an attorney, as your statements can still be used against you. Contact an attorney to review your case, and the evidence to determine if a defense exists. If not, an attorney can help to negotiate the best plea bargain possible.

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